Song: I Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her)
Artist: Guns and Roses
Memory Age: 16
Current age: 34

I was 16 years old. It was after school/before work  – about 3:30pm. I was in bed with my girlfriend (the first girl that I really loved). We were snuggled up under a blanket. We had just finished fooling around and were laying there talking and laughing. The radio was also on. I remember feeling fantastic laying there with her. It was more than the excitement after an intimate moment. It was a deep emotional connection that had been developed over the past few months. At this moment I had felt comfortable expressing that emotional connection by saying “I love you”. I started to prepare her for what I was about to say and then this song came on the radio. I recognized the song immediately and told the girl I could not say what I was thinking. When the song came on I felt completely deflated.

Eventually I did tell her and things were good. Still today when I hear that song I go back to that moment and remember the fantastic feeling I had and the disappointment at G&R disrupting my moment.


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