Song: Wild Thing
Artist: The Troggs
Age: 61

This always reminds me of my family vacation.

I was 15 years old driving with my family from LI to upstate NY (better known as “the country”) for a summer vacation. I was grumbling all the way cause as a teen, I didn’t want to go. My friend Virginia was allowed to come with me to make the trip less of a drag. We were packed in that car like sardines, as this was a time before seat belts when our shoulders pushed next to our siblings’ shoulders and a younger sister across our laps was enough to hold you in your seat, in case of an accident (Ha!). We were on the “new” Throggs Neck Bridge, when the Troggs song, “Wild Thing” came on the radio. I remember my Dad saying how easy this new bridge made traveling to the north from LI and that it was a marvel. I was next to the window looking out at the span of wires passing by the window so fast-making me feel a little dizzy. I commented to my family how ironic about the song and the bridge name-only an “h” difference. But no one got it. I resumed staring out the window when my brother Terry started laughing, he got it. Whenever I hear that song, I feel 15 again, stuck in the midst of my wonderful family (some are no longer with us anymore) not being able to move or be understood, but feeling loved all the same!


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