Song: Easy Target
Artist: Blink 182
Age: 22

I was 13 and my parents decided to take the family camping. I just started dating my boyfriend that summer and the last thing I wanted to be doing was spend a week away! I was a cranky teenager that was not appreciating the opportunity to relax with my lovely family and the beautiful outdoors!! (that I would love right about now) so i spent the whole car ride, everyday day, every night listening to my walkman. Head phones on — everyone else out. Also this was around the time you could burn your own cds but my walkman had a copyright protection so somehow only played real cds. I learned this the day we left so unfortunately I packed a bunch of cds in my little zip up case, but this was the only cd that played so I had to make it work.

So what I remember vividly : I missed my silly boyfriend, I resented my family, I was in the car long time, the smell of campfire, feeling alone and bitter at the world, sitting in the blue fold out camping chairs, knowing all of the words and track numbers because I listened to the same cd on repeat and I was excited every time it got back to the track number liked the most (number 11)

I don’t even remember where we went, all the camp sites looked the same to me so mostly what I remember about location is trees giving a little bit of privacy from other sites, a small lake or pond, and the musty smell in the tents, the camp fire and the meals that were appropriate!

Oh what I would do for a week camping at this point in my life!

(*It was pretty much a whole cd on repeat. Blink 182 i think self titled album – but the most prominent song was ‘easy target’)


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