Song: I Swear 
Artist: All-4-One
Age: 31
Memory Age: 14

Back in high school (1994?), this was one of our “summer songs”. By us, I refer to my best girl friends, and our friend Scott, who has since passed away. We had a lot of songs we’d sing as we enjoyed the summer air and our freedom – being so young and carefree. We sang this song all the time that summer it came out, specifically on our walks to the neighborhood pool, which we went to practically every day. With our bathing suits on, beach towels draped over our shoulders, faded from the summer’s sunlight. Every time I hear it, I picture all of us walking down the paved streets in our neighborhood towards the pool, in our swim attire, sun shining, laughing at our ridiculousness. It’s rare I hear the song on the radio, but when I do, it reminds me of these friends and the good times we had. I still remember every lyric to the song, even more than 17 years later! We had a lot of summer songs, but this one in particular strikes me the most.
(RIP Scott F. Coen)


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