Song: Every Breath You Take
Artist: The Police
Age: 47

This song takes me back to when I was 21 I’m my boyfriend’s apartment. Every time I hear this song I think of Paul who broke my heart. He may have broke my heart, he also broke up with me very romantically. He said to me, “Babe, it doesn’t need to be ugly……wait!” He then walked across the room, went through his records, and pulled out his Police album, paused as he looked over shoulder at me seeing that I was fighting back the tears. He put the record on and walked back across the room to me and picked me up in his arms and held me close with his eyes closed. I remember the smell of his soap – Irish Springs – and he put my feet back on the floor to stand me up and started to dance with me to that song. I started to cry even harder and he kissed my tears across my cheek until he found my lips. “Shhh,” he said, “don’t cry, think of me, think of this, right here right now “ and we danced to the end of the song. We took took step away from each other hugged one last time as we said our goodbyes. I closed his bedroom door and started to walk down the hallway, my hand still on the door knob to hear through the door him replaying the song only a little louder! I paused looked at the closed door and pictured him one last time, one last kiss and quickly walked out of his apartment to my car. I got in my car and just sat there crying, listening to the windshield wipers swooshing back and forth while the rain pelted the roof of my car.


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