Song: Oklahoma (from the musical Oklahoma!)
Artist: Rogers and Hammerstein
Age: 30

The song Oklahoma from the musical Oklahoma (not a song I hear often)! But if and when I do hear it, it reminds me of the summer I spent with my sister and 3 cousins that were visiting from Texas. I was probably 12 and my sister was 9. My cousins were all girls and their ages landed at or in between me and my sister. I remember filming Oklahoma (on tv) with a video camera and we would mute the video and create our own dialogue. We would sing: “OooooooK-lahoma where the wind comes sweeping up your drawers!” And do all manner of silliness.

We pretended to pick the noses of the different characters while they were on screen. We made fun of Poor Judd being dead. It was silly and joyful and wonderful.

It was so much fun. My sister and I had more company, more people to distract us from our rather absentee parents. We were so creative together. We would eat Waffle Crisp for breakfast, play videogames on our cousins’ super nintendo and film ridiculous plays we created on the spot.


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