Song: The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Age: 22

I have a very strong connection to this album, and specifically this song. Every time I listen it brings me back to 2008. I was a freshman in college and I did not like the position I was in. Most all my friends at the time were commuters, and the few I did have on campus betrayed me and were no longer part of my life after the first month.

So I found myself listing to this song over and over. The calming nature of it would help me through a lot of difficult times. I would have it playing almost everyday as I braved the dining hall alone. Took trips to the Buffalo Mall alone; this album comforted me on the noisy and scary city bus. I would use this song to drown out the sound of my roommate coming in late in the morning and blaring Comedy Central. Most of all, this song was the soundtrack of many late nights alone in the art studio. I remember most everyone would leave by 8, and I would have the studio basement to myself. I would sit in this booth that was made probably in the 1970’s, and would work on my 2D illustration homework. I remember working on doing various drafts over and over in sharpie. and even though it was hard work. I felt relaxed and like I was doing the right thing.

Sufjan really helped me get through each night. I will forever hold his album in a special place in my heart. The year where I grew up the most.


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