Song: I Will Survive
Artist: Gloria Gaynor
Age: 31

Freshman year in college…I was room mates with my best friend and we had just both been dumped by our high school sweethearts (gag btw, what were we both thinking??!) But anyway…she is really the song person…always finding the right song for the moment, mood, weather, etc. Breakup CD was burnt from the computer using illegally downloaded songs (ahhh…memories of the early days of internet piracy!) Anyway…the one song that sticks out is “I Will Survive.” We played it time and time again. I picture a small dorm room with tons of pictures on the walls and more and more blank spaces as the song goes on (taking down pics of the exes). We would sing that song ALL the time when we went out. Picture two drunk college freshman walking through campus (in the dark) singing that song at the top of their lungs. Anytime I hear that song today my mind takes me back to that small, cramped little dorm room and then to the drunken streets of SUNY Geneseo campus…lol. Oh how I am glad those days are looooong gone!


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