Song Title: Rock Me Amadeus
Artist: Falco
Age at time of Song Memory : 13
Current Age: 38

I grew up in an old Victorian house with a very large wrap around porch that had seven or eight steps to the ground. It was painted a blueish grey, and the paint would frequently chip off in little pieces. It had small columns and a wrought iron railing along it, that was in disrepair and frequently hung over the side. On the ground in front of the porch stairs was a slate walkway, and all along the front of the house was the “garden”, which my mother had planted when she was well, but had grown into a tangle of weeds and overgrown annuals as her chronic illness got worse. The doors to the house were very period-looking double doors with large plate glass windows that extended to the doorknob. One of the panes had been replaced with plexiglass and was never quite “in” the door right.

In my imagination, that porch was a stage in a large theater, and I frequently cajoled (or bullied) my siblings and neighborhood friends into putting on “music videos”. We did this especially in the spring, when the ‘garden’ was in bloom with lilies of the valley, as the scent always reminds me of this.

This song, in particular, always makes me think of my sister, in a white nightgown or some other dress from our “dress up clothes”, laying on the porch pretending to be dead. I was a magician trying to summon her back to life through the awesome power of Falco. I would stand over her prone form and move my mouth (I would say “lipsynch”, but the singer has a thick accent and speaks very quickly). Then I would declare her alive, and we would get up and dance as though there were thousands of adoring fans watching us.

I love this memory because my childhood was pretty dreary, and also because my relationship with my sister while we were children was pretty strained – I was a terrible bully who mimicked my father’s abusive behavior. However, I remember this being something that we had fun doing, and would do it for hours – rechoreograph and rescript the “video” until we eventually wore the cassette down.



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