Song: Everything in its Right Place
Artist: Radiohead
Age: 31

I was 21, and my boyfriend at the time said he’d never really listened to Radiohead, as we pulled out of his parents’ driveway, with an hour-long car ride ahead of us. Kid A felt like a proper introduction. I sat in the passenger seat of his American-made/late 80s sedan with a purple homemade paint job, the car rocking me gently from side to side, as we drove down a particularly curvy suburban road. The song pulsed in a way that complemented the movement. The windows were down slightly letting in some air–the weather was comfortably warm, the sun shining. We didn’t speak until the song was done. Later he told me, with a hint of wonder in his voice, that he’d never heard anything like Radiohead before, never heard anything like this song.

Significance: I was in college. I was in a relationship. Yet, nothing was in its right place. Life was not fulfilling, but I was in denial about it. This song whispers, but it’s full of dread–it lulls you, but you know you really shouldn’t get too comfortable.



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