Song Title: Fantasy
Artist: Mariah Carey
Age at time of Song Memory : 8
Current Age: 25

I had been a foster child, moving from home to home. When I came to this home at 7, there was a foster girl living there who was 11. It was the first time I had an older sibling around, I always had to be the one taking care of my younger sibs, and all I wanted to do was emulate her. Everything she liked I thought was cool, but she would hardly ever deign to talk to me. I remember her listening to the radio, and I tuned a little radio in my room to the same station to be up on the pop music at the time. I was obsessed with music, and had the radio on soon as I woke up. I remember having heard Fantasy that morning, and apparently Cassie, the older girl, had heard it too.

We went to walk to elementary school together, like every day. It was cold out, and though I wanted to be close, I had to be careful when we walked to not walk directly beside her and off a bit distant to the side. I wasn’t cool enough to be right with her. I LOVED to sing, and couldn’t help but join when I heard her humming Fantasy. For the first time it seemed, she didn’t mind me, and started singing with me. She let me walk a little closer and we tried to figure out all the words to the song, singing pieces of it up to the school. It was the first time she didn’t shun me off, and I felt happy to be included, and it was such a fun song to sing. It made the chill gloomy air not seem so bad. And I got just a little closer to one of my first friends ever.


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