Song: Three Little Birds
Artist: Bob Marley
Age at time of Song Memory: 17
Current Age: 21

I hate physics. There are few things I find less interesting than sitting in front of a calculator figuring out the exact angle at which a ball must be thrown off a cliff to make sure it falls at the rate of Gravity x Force x Who Cares and hits the target below. Knowing this, it’s easy to understand the amount of stress and frustrations I was feeling when studying for my 100 question Physics final in High School. I sat with that stupid textbook in my face for hours and hours and felt like I wasn’t absorbing anything at all. By my third day of studying, I had reached the breaking point. As I finished a problem and got an answer no where near what the book told me was right, I broke into tears. How was I going to get through this test?

It was at that moment that I heard a guitar strumming in the distance. I looked up from my tear-soaked textbook to see my brother dancing across the house to me with his guitar strapped across his chest, his goofy smile stretching from ear to ear. “Don’t worry” he starts to sing. “about a thing. Because every little thing, is gonna be alright.” He came downstairs simply to sing me Bob Marley’s song Three Little Birds and would not stop dancing around me until I stopped crying and started to laugh. If he didn’t come at that exact moment, I would have gone spiraling into a massive panic attack, not getting any further in the studying process. That song got me through the rest of that experience and I kept singing it through the test period until it was over to keep myself calm. From that day, I cannot listen to Three Little Birds without thinking of my brother’s ridiculous dancing. My eyes still get a little watery when I hear it and remember how he wouldn’t stop until his sister was smiling again.


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