Song: Chantilly Lace
Artist: “The Big Bopper” (J.P.Richardson)
Age: 31

I had to be about 8 or 9 maybe? Maybe younger… 7ish? Every time I hear this song, I always think about driving home with my mom in our white Ford Escort from her job at the hospital. I remember looking at the dark green mountains (since there wasn’t much else to see on the way home), and hearing this song for the first time. I also specifically remember the sky being gray, so I guess it was overcast out or getting to be dusk maybe. I thought the song was hysterical, and thought the guy singing it was a weirdo. I got stuck on the line “make me feel so loose, like a long neck goose” and then I thought he said “like a duck” (which made perfect sense to my child brain cause he just said “goose”). It was years later I finally realized he said “like a girl” and not “like a duck”. I sang that song wrong for so long…


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