Song Title: Lose You
Artist: Pete Yorn
Age at time of Song Memory : 20
Current Age: 31

My then girlfriend and I were fortunate enough to be standing only a couple of rows from the stage at the Hammerstein Ballroom.  We had already stood through two opening acts after getting there early and our feet were killing us, but we were pretty excited for Pete Yorn to finally come on.   I had my favorite songs from his first album that I definitely wanted to hear, so when he started playing “Lose You” I wrapped my hands around my girlfriend’s waist and we swayed to the slow music in the tightly packed crowd.  As Pete Yorn was playing the song all I could think about was how the relationship I had wanted and pursued for so long, with the first girl I had loved, was not going to work out.  It was one of the first times I had realized that fact.  The sad slow music with the repetitive refrain, dark ballroom, bright stage, and fitting lyrics all hit me as I started softly singing the lyrics I knew by heart into her ear while her long wavy dark hair made my nose itch.  Those lyrics seemed to fit so well that even when I listen to the song today it brings me back to that moment.  Some might think of the losing in the song as a passive thing, but at the time, and now, when I hear the song I can only hear it as actively choosing to “lose her” as I finally did about two years later.


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