Song: Invisible Touch 
Artist: Genesis
Age: 31

When I was little… Me, my brother, and my sister would always go to my neighbor’s house across the street. She was 2 years older than me. Sometimes when we went over there we would break out her uncle’s records and dance and sing along to them. Our favorite was Genesis’s Invisible Touch song to dance to. We would put that on in her playroom. I can still see the room. In the middle of the room was a ping pong table, lining a wall with windows to the outside were these green chairs that looked like u would find them in a waiting room. They were metal with greenish pads for the seat and back. You always had to be careful when dancing and doing cartwheels not to knock into them. If anyone came into the playroom all dancing and cartwheels would stop because we knew we weren’t good and looked like fools. To this day if i ever hear that song everything stops and i must listen and sing along to that song. If I happen to be with my sis and we hear it we are all smiles and laughing because it brings back such a fun time in our childhood.



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