Song Title: The Letter
Artist: The Boxtops
Age at time of Song Memory : 16
Current Age: 62

Song Memory: I grew up in Queens, NY at a time when it seemed like everything had stayed the way it was forever, but that everything was about to change. We walked everywhere and on this hot summer night we had walked to the very edge of our neighborhood to go to a backyard party. I was wearing a pair of tight white jeans,buffalo sandals and a scooped neck striped sleeveless shirt.I remember my hair was long and that I felt pretty and a bit out of place. Most of the kids were older than I and tougher. I really didn’t belong at this party, but then this song came on and we began to dance. Dancing  on a concrete driveway isn’t easy,your feet don’t slide on cement, but that song was so cool and I just loved the sound of it! Nothing special happened and I never went out with any of those kids again. We all went to different high schools in the fall. Almost 50 years have passed and I still remember that night vividly.


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