Song Title: The Man I Love
Artist: George Gershwin
Age at time of Song Memory : 22
Current Age: 78

Song Memory:  “The Man I Love” by George Gershwin was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding many, many years ago. Actually I remember hearing that song the first time I met him when we were sitting in a restaurant on our first date together many years ago.

I remember we were eating Chinese food that evening as I can vividly recall the various scents wafting from the kitchen and then it happened. This was long before the days of canned music as there was a stereo playing from some station out of New York City. It was a warm summer evening and as the song began to play, I just sat there watching this dream boat of a man who had taken an interest in me. I had all to do to keep from jumping across our table and into his arms, but calmer heads prevailed.

While I lost him several years ago to ever increasing medical issues, every time I hear that song, I think back to simpler times when life wasn’t so hurried. When people really took the time to know each other and yet when music and a song like this are added to the mix in ones life, the experience of having lived a full life with one very special person has made all the difference to me.


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