Song Title: Love You Madly
Artist: Cake
Age at time of Song Memory : 28
Current Age: 36

Song Memory: One of my fondest memories of my second husband was driving around in his Prius. He loved that car almost (if not more) than he loved me, and driving around was something we could do together even as my chronic pain issues were bad.

It was a hot summer day, and we were driving around Bethesda, MD; a fairly shi-shi suburb of Washington, DC. We had been running some errands and browsing in some of the boutique stores. We decided we wanted to stop and get some Rita’s (a local chain that sells custard and icees), and I got my favorite – cherry icee with vanilla custard.

Mike and I had radically different tastes in music, and because it was *his* Prius, we almost exclusively listened to his music. Once in a great while, he would let me put something on, and I always tried to find something in my collection that he might enjoy so we could listen to it more often. I asked him if he had ever heard Cake before, and he had not. I got very excited, because Cake has some styling that is similar to music Mike liked.

We were sitting in the parking lot, listening to Cake, talking, and eating our Rita’s. Then “Love You Madly” came on, and I started singing it to him. He was laughing and kept spilling icee in his beard, which I wiped with a napkin while still singing the song. I grabbed his hand and put it over my heart – something I did every once in a while as a gesture of connection between us – and it turned into one of those rare moments in life, where time stops for two people and nothing in the world matters or exists except the two of you, and the emotional connection you share, and you feel like you can read each other’s minds and for a brief second, you know for certain that they love you just as much as you love them, which is an awful lot.

Then the song ended, and it felt as though the magic blew out the windows. We went back to running errands, but we held hands the rest of the day.


2 thoughts on “43

  1. Hey, I think you mixed up the age at the time of memory and current age, unless music and help one travel into the future as well as job one’s memories. =)

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