Song Title: Cosmic Love
Artist: Florence and the Machine
Age at time of Song Memory : 19
Current Age: 21

Song Memory: I was in my 2nd semester as a freshman in college at this time. I was taking my art foundation class, Design: Form. I absolutely HATED this class. The class was based on 3D art, something that I just can not think in terms of and in turn making me hate it all the more. We finally got to a project where we had to take an object, which I used a little rubber ducky that was dressed up as an artist, and make slip casts of it (pretty much liquid clay). I ended up really enjoying this process of making my molds out of plaster, pouring the slip in, etc. I liked it so much that I purchased 5 other ducks which increased my duck production but also increased the amount of time I had to spend in the sculpture studio. I would sit in that studio for hours during the week, usually all by myself. But I would bring in my music and listen to this song on repeat. It made me feel so inspired to stay in that studio until nighttime making probably about 50 clay ducks. This song helped me relax, be by myself and do some hands on art. Whenever I listen to this song, I can still smell that room and all of the clay, plaster, and slip. I can also feel the horribly dryness of my hands from using the materials.


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