Song: C’est la Vie
Artist: B*Witched
Age at time of song memory: 9
Current age: 23

Suddenly it’s 1998. I’m in the 4th grade and spending as much time as I can at my BFF’s house– she has a pool in her neighborhood. When I spend the night there we watch Gremlins and scream when her little brothers sneak into the room to scare us. We spend our day hanging out in her room which is filled to the brim with Beanie Babies. She has a whole shelf dedicated to them. There must be at least a hundred. And she chastises me when I inform her that she’s forgotten to take the tags off of her toys. But it doesn’t matter because I’ve just discovered– and decided to become obsessed with– my first pop band. I saw them performing on the Disney Channel; obviously they’re awesome. So we learn all the words and choreograph a dance that uses hairbrush microphones and bean-filled flamingos and harbor seals as back-up dancers. And when we’re finished the crowd goes wild and we run off to go play Marco Polo at the pool.


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