Song Title: The Great Pretender
Artist: The Platters
Age at time of Song Memory : 9
Current Age: 65

Song Memory: The first time I heard this song I was about 9 years old. I was with my mother and a group of moms and kids. I was taken to a film that the moms obviously wanted to see. I recall not looking forward to the movie I was seeing but rather excited to experience a movie. The song was preformed as part of a recording session that fit into the plot of the movie. But as soon as I heard the song I was catapulted from childhood and the society of moms and children into a new group of teenagers beginning to enter their adolescence. All at once, I was introduced to a new world of rock & roll and everything that meant. I knew I was leaving the world of my parent’s music behind and entering a secret society that would belong to me and my contemporaries. The music was completely different and swept me along as if on a journey to adolescence. It was the first of a coming of age experience. I identified it as being something different and magical. It was just for me. I remembered it my whole life.


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