Song Title: Konstantine
Artist: Something Corporate
Age at time of Song Memory : 17-19
Current Age: 26

Song Memory:


Not a bad time eh? Reflecting on this song’s lyrics now, I realize it’s all a bit trite, and probably lacks musical depth.  But the fact that I still reflect on this song from time to time by texting the time 11:11 to one of my best friends by proxy makes it an important song to me.  At 17, you tend not to care if a song is trite, or the lyrics are juvenile, or about really any of that stuff.  When I was 17, 18, 19 (which was when this song was on repeat in my life), I cared about staying up late at Dunkin Donuts with my friends, I cared about driving around my town with my friends, I cared about falling in love for the first time, I cared about being kissed, and laughing, and drinking too much, and staying out too late.  Oh yeah, I cared about good grades.  I was one of those.  Anyway, I remember singing along with this song with my headphones on in the kitchen on hot summer nights while I chatted away with my friends on AIM chat rooms, we would always mark the moment 11:11 came by just simply typing the time.  It was a code, for what I still can’t quite explain, but a code nonetheless, perhaps just a reminder that we were not alone.

To this day I still text the time 11:11 when we “catch” it to one of my good friends who lives way too far from me.  It brings me back to when my life and world were safe and small.  Before bills, and kids, and a house, and the stress I’m currently under.  It brings me back to when one of my biggest worries was that our favorite CD was scratched, or that we couldn’t find people to buy us beer.  The song keeps me young, and the emotion in the music brings me back to when everything I felt was so heightened, as it can only be at 17.

It brings me back to the first time I fell really hard for someone.  The memories which I will not share on this forum, are memories which still echo in my soul, when I close my eyes at night, the thoughts of being with this person still reverberate cruelly upon my consciousness.  He and I shared this song, and each other for only a short time.  This song will forever bring me back to those high highs, and those low lows.  The memory reminds me of the taste of cherry chapstick, and green eyes in the late afternoon.  It reminds me of my youth, for that I will always be indebted.


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