Song Title: Ironic
Artist: Alanis Morisette
Age at time of Song Memory : 6
Current Age: 21

Song Memory: When I was in kindergarten I got my hands on a cassette with Ironic on it, fell in love immediately and for some unknown reason my mother let me, at age 6, then buy the CD, Jagged Little Pill, that it was from. Recently I’ve made a connection with my angst towards men and this purchase early in my life, but that’s besides the point. At the same time that I had my obsession with this song my aunt was getting ready for her wedding that I was going to be the flower girl in. Since the one line is “it’s like rain on your wedding day” I thought it would be awesome if it rained when she got married. It didn’t rain and it was a beautiful wedding in December and I can remember a lot of red, green, sparkles and of course a massive cake. During her reception she had the DJ play Ironic while she walked me and her daughter, the other flower girl, out onto the dance floor and we held hands and danced in a circle while everyone else stayed at their table and watched. It seemed so glamorous at the time, being with my aunt dressed like a princess in her white gown, wearing the emerald colored velvet dress that my mom made for me with my hair all done up in curls to match my aunts.


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