Song Title: A Hard Day’s Night
Artist: The Beatles
Age at time of Song Memory : 5
Current Age: 19

The song brings me back to many fond memories spent with my late grandmother at her house when she would watch me during the day while my then single-parent mom went to work. I remember sitting around the dining room table with her, my grandfather, and my sister with the Beatles album playing on a record player on repeat. We would sit around the dining room table playing board games or completing a puzzle for hours on end. My favorite games were Clue and Trump. There was always a smell of freshly baked brownies around the house because she loved baking. She had a large, wood table with green wallpaper and giant windows covering most of the walls.

My grandmother was a beautiful woman with short, curly gray hair and the kindest eyes. She always wore the same perfume, and before she passed she gave my sister and I a small bottle of it. Whenever I need strength I pull out the bottle and am reminded of her and how strong and kind of a person she was. For many years after this I never listened to the Beatles until one day this past summer I heard the song “A Hard Day’s Night” and the memories came rushing back and I felt as though I was still at her house with her in the age of pure carelessness and happiness. Since then I’ve listened to the same songs my grandma would play over and over and now I don’t get the feeling as strong because I listened to them too much. But it still brings a smile to my face when I think about those days and how awesome my grandma was.


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