Song: Johnny Quest (Thinks We’re Sellouts) 
Artist: Less Than Jake
Memory age: 16
Current age: 23

Spring 2006. Junior year. Instead of going on next year’s senior trip to New York, I’ve opted to go on the Spring Break service trip to the Bahamas (I don’t get along with most of my classmates anyway, and the Bahamas trip is open to the whole school). We spend the week there exploring, building the school a library, fixing computers, and black-topping a basketball court. Every day when we return to our cabins by the sea, some of the freshman boys pull out an iPod and dock. We sit around it, and I am introduced to the world of ska– a world that I’ll never fully come to appreciate, but that I’ll enjoy for the interim. We dig our toes into the sand and shout along with the music. Some of the older boys whip out a can of bug spray and lighters and practice their flame-throwing skills. Being the mini-pyro that I am, I laugh and join in the fun. The sun sets over the ocean and we change the music over to our evening soundtrack of Santana and Panic at the Disco. How romantic.


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