Song: Dazed and Confused
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Memory Age: 18
Current Age: 32

I hadn’t listened to much Led Zeppelin at this point in my life. My mom was the parent who may have listened to them back in the day, but she was more of a folk singer kind of 60’s and 70’s music fan. Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, etc. Maybe the Doors, Beatles and Rolling Stones, too, but not the Zep.

I was attending college at this point, and was on my own for the first time ever. No rules. Just me, my friends, and my boyfriend at the time. I went to a school (and maybe many schools are/were like this) where there were all sorts of drugs available at any given time. You name it, it was around – Alcohol, Pot, Acid, Shrooms, Heroin, Coke… whatever. I never did the “crazy” stuff, but I did drink, smoke a lot of pot, and did my fair share of acid at this point in life. I guess acid could be considered “crazy stuff” to some.

Anyway, one evening after dropping a particularly strong batch of Spiderman blotter acid, my boyfriend and I were sitting in his dorm room. Across the ceiling were these multi-colored Christmas lights that followed along every length of wall around us. We sat in the dark listening to Led Zeppelin. Now, every time I hear Dazed and Confused, I can vividly recall sitting in the darkness, laying on the bed with him, watching the pale colorful lights slowly undulate and pulse with each guitar lick. It was the beginning of a long night full of wandering the campus, being afraid of some monstrous-looking sculptures that surrounded the dark pond at the far end of the school’s property, then thinking I was in a gas chamber while ascending the dormitory stairwell, and ending the trip at the greyish part of sunrise when we decided to get breakfast at the dining hall.


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