Song Title: All That I’ve Got
Artist: The Used
Age at time of Song Memory : 11
Current Age: 18

Song Memory: After my parents got divorced, my dad got a tiny three-room apartment a few towns over.  It was always dark and had a brownish rug.  It was ashy and always smelled like cigarettes because now that he had his own place, he could smoke inside.  It was summer and we ordered pizza, like always, because he lived above a pizzeria. My 13 year old brother and I were sitting on his lumpy blue futon, one of the very few items of furniture in the apartment, and watching a music channel because we were both just starting to discover music that wasn’t from our parents. My dad was drinking scotch and reading the paper at a card table.  This song came on and my brother and I were intrigued by the strange music video.


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