Song Title: Hips Don’t Lie
Artist: Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean
Age at time of Song Memory : 15
Current Age: 22

Shakespeare and Shakira are two names you would find unlikely to appear in the same sentence. But the director of my high school’s fall production of the bard’s Romeo and Juliet was just bold enough to merge the worlds of Latin pop and the Elizabethan era together for its soundtrack. In the dark I sat on a wobbly stool in a small sound booth at the back of the Little Theater waiting for my cue to press play towards the end of Act I – the masquerade scene. The introductory horns of the song’s beginning signaled the masked cast members to their places. The choreographed routine resembled something like a salsa. Left foot forward, back to center. Right foot back, back to center. The males lifting their arms, inviting the ladies to turn. With some swaying of the hips in between. A series of partner switches eventually brought the title characters to each other, as the play would have it. An unconventional, contemporary interpretation of that fateful scene but after a certain number of rehearsals, the pairing almost seemed natural.


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