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Is there a song in your life that, no matter when you hear it, takes you back to a specific moment in your existence? Does hearing that certain song help you remember things like the weather that day, the color shoes you had on, how your hair was styled and/or other distinct qualities you may have otherwise forgotten if not for this unique association?

The Memory Song Project started as the senior thesis project of BFA Graphic Designer, Barbara Kaplowitz. It remains an ongoing effort to collect and share anonymous stories about how music can imprint itself onto specific moments in our lives and aid our ability to recall memories in high fidelity. The goal is to collect, illustrate, and share these stories with the world.

Do you have a song memory you would like to share? Check out the Participate page for more info!


3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Great Project. I wrote a chapter in a book about the role of music in three
    stages of adolescent development, titled “On The Road To Find Out,”
    one of Cat Steven’s brilliant songs. The role of music in women’s
    psychological development was also included. This is an interesting
    project. Very appealing to all of us;music is our universal language!

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